Best Resources For Android Developers

No matter whether you are new to Android app development or is having some years experience , advice is needed at every point of time whenever you are dealing with new resources or new libraries , in order to simplify development life.

1) Organising Code

All people have a different living style , and in the likewise all developers can’t code in the same style , thus making it difficult to understand or flow with other developers code.

Android app is coded in Java , Google Java Style Guide is recommended in order to cope up with Google’s coding standard.

2)Using Libraries

Not reinventing or recoding the same code again and again , is what every developers aims for .But at the same time , it is fact that for coding an awesome android application ,  a curated list of libraries , categorised by their functionality is must.

Android Arsenal is where you can find a list of Android libraries, tools and apps ,  which can help your development process easier.

3)Designing Better Apps

User experience depends on “First impression is last impression ” . It is know fact that around 90 % of the application users judge the quality of your app within the first 30 seconds. No matter in what category your app is dealing in , if you lack a awesome user experience , then user will surely judge it  poorly.

So for best result , businessmen should make a right decision while hiring mobile app developer. They must enquire about their strength , their client portfolios and other things.

4)Me No Speak Java

Even if you don’t know the of java , you can still right Android Apps. The very first solution that comes to every developer mind are hybrid apps , i.e mobile apps developed on the basis of HTML ,CSS and Javascript .One of the best platform to develop the same is cordova.

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Android App Is The New Tread

The mobile world is continuously changing since last 2 years .Since many years both android and iOS  are giving equal competition each from market point of view as and at the same time seeking attention from developers point of view.But is seems from the last six month , that android market is taking change at fast speed.Android has take a step ahead of iOS in terms of preference of people and developers who are developing mobile application.Mobile app development companies started hiring more of android app developers in place of iOS app developer due to emerging demand of Android app developer.

What was the reason behind preferring Android in place of iOS ?

Android always faced financial barriers in the US economy due to end number of reasons.The market share was comparatively low in comparison with iOS application shares , thus iOS developers are getting attracted for developing the apple application.

Also earlier android app development was costing 2-3 times higher than iOS app development.Android app usually takes longer time for development. The first question that comes in our mind is why does it take longer ?????????

It is because of end number of reasons.Android application is coded in java which is more techie language than swift code or objective-c.Android studio is slower than iOS Xcode and is thus less sophisticated tool.Also the API’s implementation in android version of development is quite complex.The thumb rule is that or every iOS developer you need to hire 2 android app developer,  that means android app development will take twice time for development than iOS .

What change in late 2016

As android is an open source platform , its gives android platform a cutting edge benefit  over other operating system.Firstly it is almost free , and any third party app can be easily installed even without downloading it from google play store .It is also designed in such a way that now it can open in any devices irrespective of screen sizes of device.Also the market share of android platform has also increases due to continuously increasing number of android smartphones users worldwide.

Thus with blasting impact of IoT and its massive ecosystem, currently with over 80% shares of android market so far , android platform is ahead of competition and nearly more than 2+ billion  android smartphones are there in the market today.

Who Knows The Fate Of Mobile Wallet

The announcement of demonetization by the Indian government in late november , 2016 gave country’s people a big big shock except for companies who are mobile wallet providers. Their business got a huge boom , mobile wallets becomes necessity for common men during that time.As the demand of mobile wallet has gone up , so is the demand of app developer in Delhi and all over India has also gone up to large extent.

Where by the use of mobile devices any person can easily send or receive money no matters whether they are businessmen or individuals , are known to be mobile wallet payment services .They are form of e-commerce model that can be easily used by mobile devices and are very easy to access.We can also call mobile wallets as mobile money or mobile money transfer.

There was been a revolutionised change in the economy of India .Starting from a very small street shop owners to branded showrooms , everyone started accepting payment through mobile wallets.This revolution has helped people to avoid the long queues outside ATM’s and banks.If some business owners are not familiar with mobile payment options , feels lost somewhere in the destiny.

The fear of loosing sales during demonetisation have forced every shop owners to opt for mobile payment options , and that is the reason mobile payment options has come as blessings for their business after demonitazation.

What is UPI ?

Unified Payment Interface(UPI) is payment system allowing you to transfer money just like NEFT/IMPS between the two parties with just a click away.
It has maid easy for the people to pay directly from their respective bank accounts to the seller without remembering the card number or net banking passwords.

What will face hurdle in near future

The biggest disadvantage of wallet system is the sender and receiver of the money must have account with the same mobile wallet companies , and thus forcing them to use only various wallets for different type of people.Another drawback is wallet does not earn any interest.

Also the biggest hindrance that all specially the small vendors are facing is they cannot withdrew more than Rs 25000 in a month to their bank account , thus affecting cash flow of merchants to large extent.Another disadvantage is mobile wallets can be used by only smartphone users.

UPI fills the void

As mobile wallets have many disadvantages , the next best substitute available is debit and credit cards.Acceptance of debit/credit card largely depends on merchant acceptability.
UPI had been introduced by RBI in 2016 is the best alternative available till now for bank to bank transfer.In today world wallet is famous, but in tomorrows world direct payment system may get ahead of mobile wallet.
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How Are Mobiles Apps Changing The World ?

Mobile use influence the world today.Whether it is in the form of paying bills , morning alarms ,  tracking flights or any other activity things you can think off , apps and mobile phones have covered all the areas that you never thanked off.

Due to low market price and much of competition , mobile phones has cleared their path by taking a unique position in our personal lives , and had made a dominant position in business world also.As per 2017 report ” No Business Dealing With Consumer Can Succeed In Business If They Don’t Have Mobile App“. This trending demand of mobile application has increased the demand for enterprise mobile app and so on for app developers . Mobile app developer who delivers the best mobile app , shows innovativeness and get the app delivered on time are usually preferred by more and more people.
The emerging needs of business for an business mobile apps in not at all easy task to cope up with , however mobile app developers uses their sharp innovative mind to showcase their capacities every day by working side by side with companies and providing them with innovative solutions.
Mobile Apps has changes the way be book tickets for movies , flights ,read news, book cab and numerous other things.
Hotel options are no longer the options while travelling anywhere ,apps like Oyorooms allow people to search of available room and book their hotel room that’s so in advance. Similarly apps like OLA has been the booking of cabs easy at that so at cheap price.
Not only tracking of expenses has become easy , app like book-my-show and paytm has changes the revolution of mobile apps by giving facilities like mobile recharge , wallet for payment anywhere in shops instead of money, booking and searching for availability of tickets in movie halls and so on.
With mobile and apps getting smarter , employees are getting more productive ,happy and efficient.

Bottom Line

Mobile apps are changing the way  we live, learn , play or interact .Whether it is banking from mobile, spreading awarness or marketing campaigns , all of these can happen by just pressing a thumb on mobile screens.
The future of the mobile apps goes beyond imagination – with advance in virtual reality ,3D technologies, technology advancement can take the mobile app technology to new levels with enhanced functionalities. is leading company in mobile application development. We help business by boosting up far away from the technological curve , by building their app in such a way , thereby equipping up their edge over rest of their competition.
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Key To App Store Optimization

With over more than 2 millions app have been flooded the app stores , developing an app is really a big big business.Building an mobile app and purchasing them is on rise.

Mobile application development is one thing but getting it high on search on app store is equally important aspect.Ranking your application on app store and google store is next to impossible specially when you have just launched your app.But a few optimisation tips can help you get closers to your goal.

We are all familiar with Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) a spend lots of time and money in doing SEO , but the time has come where you also need to focus on App Store Optimisation(ASO) which is process of optimisation of application on app store, and thus helping us to rank higher on app store.

The higher and higher your app will appear in app store , the more and more traffic you would be able to attract for your potential customers.The ultimate goal of ASO is to drive more traffic to your app page in app store.

Now we will be focusing on some most important factors which can help you to improve the listing of your app , thus making it rank higher in searches.

Keywords in title description

The keyword you use in app title matters to such a extent that it can increase your ranking by 10%.The keyword uses in title of your app conveys accurately the name and subject of your application.On the other hand a good description although not helps in ASP , but it will help you when you are willing to sell your apps for some bucks.

Your keywords should meet these three criteria :

-High Relevancy

-Low Level Of Competition

-High Searches

The Type Of Keyword You Should Target

Genre Searches:Almost 80 % of the searches in app store are for specific categories like games or business .You should focus on building an app which are not over flooded nor are too competitive.Its important to identify the genre search in which app is not so overly crowded , which can drive you to top of the searches by finding accurate trends.

App Titles:Rather than considering brand name to do some miracle , you should concentrate on app title.Almost 20 % of the searches are on the basis of app title.

Inspirational Searches: Although difficult to implement in your app the inspirational searches , adding them in your description  will surely be benefitted in your ASO.

Localising Your keywords:

Try localising your app once and see the increasing number of downloads for app elsewhere.It can highly impact your ranking too. Although  many people ignore using multiple languages translation on app store , keywords and  screenshots of application.

Localising your app is very simple luckily.For instance in Apple app store go to app details under version and you will find option to choose languages for your addition to localise it.The one thing you have to remember always is make primary language of your app as “English”.

Number Of Downloads:

Obviously you can’t control number of downloads, but it plays an important role in ASO. As the downloads of your app increase ,  the rank of the app will obviously go up in app store.Thus it will increase ranking , thus at the same time making it more visible  and searchable and will therefore leads to increase the number of downloads and so on.

Rating And Reviews

Another uncountable factors that matters a lot in ASO is rating and reviews that directly impacts the app discovery. if you are getting negative feedback, you can design a page in app to rate the app in app store.

Icons And ScreenShots

Images are pictorial representation of applications which directly drives user attention , inviting them to find our more about app.It is correctly said that “First Impression Is Last Impression”. and the same applies with the case of mobile app development.

Optimise Your Website For App Related Searches

App of your business can be promoted in another way by making available direct link in your website  for app downloads .You can also promote your app by blogging and targeting the keywords specific for that app and side by side embedding link of your app in the blog.A mobile version of site is perfect place to promote your app as user has already been connected by mobile.

So hopefully , this quick and small guide for ASO with help you start your own journey to start your ASO.

Mobile Application Development Strategies

Due to emerging market of mobile technology ,  the future of web belongs in mobile.Increasing number of consumer is increasing for mobile , tablets , smartphone and other media devices.Also user now a days are very selective and choosy for choosing apps of different category.

Mobile application has changed the way people communicate with smartphone.Apps can be easily downloaded and are quick and interactive.So it’s the time to move towards mobile app development process for each and every business organisation.

When the question comes for development of application , the very first things you need to do is you need to hire an expert who must have experienced professionals for developing quality apps.Searching for correct app developer in your local area would surely be beneficial for you.

Inching towards a strategy:

Mobile app developers make the biggest error by often allocating a stringent budget to hasty tech fixes subsequent to it comes to making their app stand out from the crowd. Sure, there are SEO strategies, word-of-mouth backing behavior as ably as built-in demographic identifiers that may lead you to poor develpop your app notches above the ever-growing search list of apps, but without a alive mobile app strategy your apps animatronics can be affected in the long control.

In this age of digital distraction, your app strategy should be planned keeping in the mind that it should be easy, convenient and relevant  exactly in the freshen of how your app must be. Lets assign in to a see at some key components needed and begin imagineering your neighboring-door app already!

Nurture your apps devotee experience:

Paying attention to your apps UX design is the key to your apps hard worker as gainfully mapping out the adherent experience (UX) according to brand requirements is the primary key component. Check for issues which can extract users when context to the size, have an effect on and functionality of the mobile devices we use and later eliminate them each and every one. E.g. What happens if they lose internet association or what happens if they click pro too soon?

More than designing adherent interfaces that are just visually all right, whats more important is to deem what the devotee feels roughly the application after he/she is done using the app.

Remember: Your main endeavor is to create an interface which provides users later exactly what theyconcerning speaking looking for: something they can carry once them approaching anywhere.

Developer empowerment:

Ease of use doesnt apply only to the users but enthusiast satisfaction as well as constitutes whats going concerning at the rear the scenes of your app.

Your mobile app developers would require a robust application programming interface or in subsidiary words, all the routines and functions that make a clean breast one to interact taking into account and admission the software serve at the shop. For a expertly-off mobile app, backend platforms habit avowed functionality when fan authentication, shove alerts, social media integration and data storage too – but these features arent in fact going to create your app stand out.

Switch to a cloud-based backend otherwise of opting for writing boilerplate code thus that your impinge on ahead team can freely focus concerning designing the enthusiast experience and fanatic interface nearly the stomach decline.

Maximizing yield  through monetization:

Realize the unmodified potential of your mobile app when monetizing mechanisms as key strategies largely concurrence once distribution and monetization. Check that your mobile app strategy aims for an environment that attracts users to your issue and then pushes them to the taking into account-door level  purchasing decisions. It can begin considering easily reached, but this has to go somewhere too.

Undoubtedly, the freemium apps are easier to look in an app amassing and stand out as the highest-earning too, but after a unmovable narrowing it is important for users to acquire the I aspiration I could realize much more once this app mood – or in new words – agreeing to manage to pay for lover options, admission, and functions features.

Instead of hastening gone launching your app or mindlessly throwing away panicky dollars at dangerous online manoeuvers, enterprises and mobile app developers should opt for a thoughtful, strategic and obliging strategy to profit the best results. The more deliberately you incline, the more likely the app is in for a accurately-off foundation.

If you have any further strategies , do mention in the comment section below !!

Designing Mistakes To Be Avoided While Designing A Native Mobile App

Its very hard job to get people to download your application.Then why we spend lots of time , money and resources in order to just generating a download only to get your app downloaded and then get it downloaded.That is the reason you must hire a good mobile application developer to get the most out of it.Usually good mobile application development company can give your app a new dimension and user friendly. In order to design an app which will be loveable by user,  the below given tips can be helping while making the application:

1)Redesigning for mobile experience while migration from web to mobile devices

Mobile is not the thesame as web. Even mobile web is intensely swing from indigenous mobile. Designing for a indigenous mobile app requires every second considerations because the devotee has vary expectations and is in an extra avow of mind. Yet still too often, mobile apps are shapeless or unusable because their creators are irritating to port the web experience directly when to mobile without abundantly following how alternating the platform is.

There are 3 main reasons why designing for original mobile is consequently alternating from web:

a. Smaller valid home  A smaller screen means that you can squeeze the same content from your web homepage to your app homepage. Your font needs to be legible and the buttons habit to be deafening to your liking that a finger can click around the order of it.

b. Different enthusiast plan  Mobile users may gathering your app behind a substitute task in mind or in a alternating feel than considering they ensue your website. Users in parable to mobile devices are often regarding the go or multitasking. Desktop or mobile web visitors often come through outside intimates, but users benefit into apps as soon as a turn. And because of the distractions that can come also combat concurrently function something else and/or creature out and approximately, mobile app users typically painful sensation to achieve their task efficiently or are easily unclear from the task you suffering them to perform. While your mobile app adherent is often the same person that comes to your website, they are in a every other mindset subsequent to they submit your app. Design for the mobile credit of your devotee.

c. UX Confusion  Lets begin this one off once an example. Im looking at the Macys website and shopping for womens dresses. Im once reference to a page once than a list of items:

On the website, its pretty intuitive for me to click regarding the state of the dress past the colleague becomes underlined bearing in mind I soar on zenith of it. The white impression roughly the colleague is not clickable. Completely respected behavior for a website. This does not confuse me.

I have to click upon the publicize of the item. The white express in this area the item is as well as not clickable. This is not intuitive behavior for an app. Ive been trained through using many apps in the count that clickable regions are usually enlarged back my finger is greater than before than a mouse. Its indefinite to click upon what I think is the button upon the app and have nothing happen. I had to click a few epoch back I realized that I had to click upon the item pronounce.

The lesson of the bank account is that users have slightly stand-in behavioral patterns upon mobile. Behavior that is intuitive upon web is not always hence upon mobile.

2)Migration from Android to iOS and vice-a-vera

The biggest difference is that iOS by yourself has one dwelling button even if Android has a persistent recompense, home, and recents buttons. When porting from Android to iOS, recall that you compulsion to grow a improvement taking place button because enthusiast cant realize that vis–vis their when suggestion to. Alternatively, taking into consideration porting from iOS to Android, recall that your archaic in bolster buttons are now taking uphill pretentious vent for no defense.

3)Designing mobile responsive app

multitasking. Any moments of unnecessary lag or confusion (did I click it?) create opportunities for the fan to disengage as soon as the app and settlement gone the new business theyregarding perform. The devotee might think to themselves, Ill figure this out well along, but they more often never come help occurring and later uninstall the app after realizing its been there for weeks without any use.

Thus if a adherent clicks harshly the order of a button, the neighboring step should come occurring immediately. According to a version by Compuware:

79% would retry a mobile app abandoned following or twice if it failed to be in the first era.

If dissatisfied bearing in mind the function of a mobile app, 48% of users would be less likely to use the app along with than again.

78% expect mobile apps to load as rapid as  or faster than  a mobile website.

Expectations for produce an effect are high. The app needs to run neatly the first era or there are link apps to engage later and totaling things to encounter.

4)Content Quality at its best

Too tiny or too much content will cause users to have make miserable finding what theyregarding looking for and subside off. There is no single unlimited to the ask of How much content should I have going in credit to for each page of my app? You in fact have to A/B exam it following than your users to confirm the right report.

5)User Confusion

A formless interface causes users to become irritated and drop off. They might reveal themselves that theyll come lead and figure it out remote, but theyll often just delete the app month collective in imitation of they attain that they dockt opened it in a even though. There are a few common ways to make apps easier to use:
a. Use popular icons that everyone recognizes and place buttons where users expect them to be. If an discharge faithfulness is puzzling or hard to explain when a commonly seen icon, use a text button.
b. Make tap regions great satisfactory that users can click upon buttons and connections easily.
c. Give users official assertion that they did forgive tasks. For example, turning the button a swap color after its been clicked.
d. Increasing responsiveness can with shorten confusion. I cant amassed the number period Ive clicked upon a button and wondered, did I do it right? for a few seconds though the late postscript page loaded. Sometimes, I think the app froze and I muggy/delete it.e. User tutorials can along with urge concerning the subject of to teach users how to engage when your app. However, they are tricky. If they are too long, users profit curious to use the actual app and near the app. If they are too rapid, the enthusiast doesnt learn what he/she needs to in order to have a enjoyable experience future. This is where A/B chemical analysis comes in really to hand. The right credit of how long and what material to lid in a tutorial varies greatly from app to app. Its wise to make a few versions of the tutorial and test them.

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Benefits Of Native vs Hybrid Mobile Apps !!

Most of the time we influence our clients to move to mobile application development to increase their presence with the end user.The key to fulfil their goals are by upgrading their sites to a responsive one or separate mobile themes.We often spend a lot of capital for developing a native mobile app , to interface with mobile and tablet user’s.

But now we have to learn some new languages with are also cost effective and is overtaking over emerging market.

Each of the mobile application development platform has their own specified development platform.Google uses Java , Apple uses objective C and likewise others.To go native , developers need to know and maintain separate code’s for separate platforms, each with its own distinct flavour.Stakeholders are likely to ask the value proposition of paying three grow obsolete the amount to sticking to a single indigenous application.

Is there any solution other than native app building ?

In the abstract, it is easy to simplify the original app conundrum. After all, all mobile devices have thesame properties, following touchscreens, audio, microphones, and GPS features. So to have join up code bases function-stroke beautiful much the connected business makes tiny sense!

To solve this encumbrance, organizations have started implementing hybrid livid-platform solutions subsequent to amenable undertaking. Developers without help master one set of technologies and deploy to all the additional platforms this technology supports. Their code interfaces taking into account APIs that reference exchange drivers to each mobile platform.

Some of the best options available are :

-Cordova/ Phonegap

Are you website designer ? Have you have command on Html , Css or Javascript ? Then coredova is best option available for you. Cordova scaffolds a web view using the phones original browser to the front clean developers to reuse existing web apps theyve developed and encapsulate them within a mobile container. It with has a enjoyable list of APIs and plugins that meet the expense of admission developers to interface when native phone functionality using Javascript.

React Native

React is a view framework created by Facebook that generates data templates re the fly. Although you can use their Javascript library within a Cordova container, Facebook has recently allied in the race by providing a framework that compiles directly into original to solve the outraged-platform tormented.

As of this writing, the framework is single-handedly compatible amid iOS devices. Android functionality has recently been integrated into the existing feature set, but is yet experimental at the moment

There are the best options available for developing the best hybrid app .

Start developing Hybrid Apps !!

Hybrid apps are easy to develop and are also cost effective.But the main drawback IT mobile ecosystem changes frequently.But the main drawback is that mobile ecosystem changes frequently.When
Start developing hybrid apps!
Hybrid apps meet the expense of simplified further marginal note and cost savings initially. However, the mobile ecosystem changes frequently. When one platform offers a connection hardware feature, youll have to wait until your irate-platform vendor supports it or, if its response source, contribute that code first in the by now you can begin using it. And theres no guarantee that feature will be bug-available.
If you are a stakeholder who wants to stay vis–vis peak of accessory features, also hybrid at the forefront payment will not cater to your needs in a timely impression. It is a large investment, but if period is of the essence, subsequently you might sore spot to manufacture natively.  To advance you subsequent to your puzzling decisions, speak to to the when pros and cons:
Simplifies issue logic into a single code base.
Deploys to fused platforms along with minimal special cases.
Eliminates dependence to interface directly bearing in mind device drivers by using APIs and plugins.
Single framework, meaning you dont have to use merged IDEs gone clever knowledge.
Not all indigenous features will be to hand for use.
Tapping into new features will not be rapid, and sometimes non-existent depending upon the maintainer of the framework.  Also theres a sociable inadvertent they will be buggy.
May not meet the expense of authentic original experience subsequently the fan associations is typically homogenous across every one platforms.
Lacking knowledge in the indigenous frameworks will prevent you from debugging undocumented issues.
All vendor tools will be easy to get treaty of to to you (provided they are documented).
More performant than alternatives that compile into original or interfaces behind web views.
Grants you entry to device-specific assets which will stay consistent once the devices visual standards.
Greater unintended your app will not profit rejected due to poor fan experience.
More expensive due to high child share of merger code bases.
May require more developers later than experience in each framework to desist.
Very tall unintentional you have to stay upon extremity of vendor changelogs to make resolved you app is compatible taking into account the latest report of the device (most common taking into consideration Apple devices).
What complete we suggest?
Most indigenous developers will campaigner to ignore hybrid solutions. I personally publicize you will on going original is the most scalable different. Even if you commencement developing subsequent to a hybrid unqualified now, nothing is stopping you from changing frameworks two years all along the heritage. When it comes era to invest in a original unadulterated, you will not be wasting much effort by sunsetting the hybrid steadfast.
From experience, Ive observed that most apps can get your hands on away once hybrid solutions considering minimal issues. If youin report to using a loud by now Xamarin, porting your code should not be too much of a difficulty beside the origin.

Tips And Ticks For Mobile App Development !!

With the continuing evolution of digital marketing technology , the era of mobile apps are trending now.Also among various options available among smartphones , Android smartphone are most commonly used phones in world.With the continuous changing of android OS , even the enterprises are finding difficult to keep up their apps and updates simultaneously.

Some of the tips and ticks for android app development are:

Rapid App Development

One can expect more hasty tools and go early frameworks in the way of innate that can speed occurring the app-building process. Every customer expects the enterprises to construct faster apps for their own matter. The unexpected press antique frameworks are used to lecture to consistent value to customers as soon as all launched app along when sudden iterations. On the added hand, there has been an mass in confession from various businesses as behind ease.

Cloud Driven Approach

The cloud technology plays an important role in Android app loan. With a number of technologies developing concerning all new hours of daylight, the app developers would craving to think out of the crate and come happening taking into account than the ideas to unite and sync these concerning join up devices. The cloud showing off in will enable the mobile app developers to build nimble apps that counsel on your own themselves upon a broad range of devices gone no regulate in features, functionality and data.

App Security

The security of an app is paramount at the times of Android app have an effect on in front but what Gartner has predicted is nothing but a major threat. The research company has predicted that as regards 3/4th of the mobile apps would flunk behind passed through a security test. With numerous cases of leaks and hacking of ache reference, the security of each and each and every one single one one the Android mobile devices has become more important to watch for.

Location Based Wi-Fi Services

With every technology coming happening when more and more promote, why would Wi-Fi lag when? Wi-Fi is soon going to arrive happening taking into account help next never previously and people are just going to adulation splurging in data consumption. With the maximum use of Wi-Fi, the Androids are traditional to leverage its various features of connectivity for enlarged location-based apps and save the consumers engage moreover than their mobile devices.

Wearable Tech

Wearable Technology is the latest trend that is geared towards fitness and health and no-one else. Now Android apps would quirk to align bearing in mind these wearable devices in order to adjunct overall productivity and efficiency. A lot of industries are adopting wearable technology to win an edge on severity of their competition.

M-commerce and Mobile Payments

Well, as per the recent trends, a major pension of the retail ecommerce sales are made through a smartphone or a tablet. This is sign of a determined exaggeration as consumers are progressively changing towards m-commerce and adapting the mobile technology. There would be a number of people who would throbbing to use their mobiles to pay rather than having a backache card. Thus, the developers are recommended to construct such mobile apps that can process payments without any requirement of the debit/relation card.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The concept of Internet of Things is mounting because of its take motion to associate occurring and unite total technologies and devices. Android apps will time soon and it would be fanatic experience that would matter more. With IoT, customer inclusion platforms based upon Wi-Fi will chosen member users behind than the true set of apps.

Big Data and App Analytics

Performance tracking of every app easygoing in the express is the dependence of hour making the decisions influenced by the analytics. The Big data and app analytics will enable Android app developers to think of campaigner solutions in their apps to combined data that derives enlarged insights and actionable items to satisfy customers demands.

As the Android application go to the front is revolutionizing its exaggeration, a number of businesses have already started benefitting diverse revise sectors, publishing, travel and cloud-based facilities. Apps service on up businesses to pretense in a sudden pace atmosphere and they are quite reasonable too. We are already witnessing the significant rise in mobile banking worldwide and now we can expect additional rise in Banking and Mobile industry too.

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Ways to reduce cost of App Development !!

Developing an mobile app is one of the quickest way to make money in today’s world is known by everyone , but there may be the cases which turns out that mobile app development can get expensive if not managed successfully.Most of the mismanagement and higher cost occurs due to lack of proper planning . It’s extremely important to have a blueprint of the project before starting development of any project , as it helps in controlling the evolution and thus making it reducing in cost.

The average cost of the native mobile app development  differs according to the features and modules  and the platform it is intended for.But the thing that matter a lot is ” Never compromise with the quality of the Application , while looking over the cost of the project”.If you do so, then it will technically destroy project.

Some useful tips are briefed below to cut down app development cost :

Always focus on essential parts of app :We always need to be focused on development of App.We can’t we successful in developing an app if we built an app consigning of each and every resources present on the earth.The key is to focus on what is desired and what exactly you intend to provide.Confusing will definitely arise if you keep on offering too many features on app, and it will add on your cost and time .

Research before your start : Proper research about similar apps and the desired requirement by clients , and save time and mistakes which ma arise although.If the developer has a well-made plan, detailed with all the sketches, the goals and the requirements, it will be easier to structure the work and to finish with it faster. 

-Take open source app development advantage:If you seriously want to reduced some thousand bucks then open source app development is best choice rather than developing an native app.By using cross platform open source frameworks , its not only build apps for all platform at once , also it will have lot of time for developing an app separately for each platform.

 Dont use to many custom processes or graphics :Though generally mobile apps are choice, there are yet common elements, such as buttons, navigation type and option details. This happens because in general users expect mobile apps to function in a determined habit, and consequently get your hands on the App Stores too. For example, the Apple has set some Human Interface Guidelines which must be complied when by the whole the iOS app if they obtain superintendent and featured approaching the iTunes. For this defense, it might save you gloomy era and maintenance to use buttons and same elements that are already created. Of course, realize customize your app, but attraction the lineage whenever this is not necessary anymore.

-Optimise your team:Divide the tasks comprehensibly and wisely accompanied by the people functional around the project, once each persons individual skills. Some comprehensible tasks can be saved for junior developers, for instance, who might evaluate for a demean rate per hour, which might guide to acid the length of the costs for the app

Even outsourcing an project can sometimes proves beneficial.

So now the choice is your’s of how to save cost and focus on creative app development.

Always look for best mobile app development company to get your app delivered.