Why Should Every Mobile App Focus On User ?

Its well known that a good user experience app separates  successful apps from unsuccessful one.In present scenarios almost all categories of application are flooded in app stores that focuses more on end user experience.In order to get the best user experience , you must hire a good mobile app developer who have innovative minds and professional team to give you more than your expected result .

To create awesome mobile experience , user wants and need is important to be understood before preparing the application .Based on the very first experience user will choose whether to keep the app in phone or to delete it after the very first use.Some mobile apps lacking in usability and design are just downloaded once and then forgotten .

User always tries to expect the organisation to listen to them and cater all their needs , as meeting the expectations of customers will what lead to successful running of application .As the ultimate user of app will be user , for which we are making the application.Users feedback and suggestions is what all we need to make it successful .

The ultimate aim behind every app development is billions downloads and excellent reviews.


Applications are intended considering a focus in this area matter goals and its technological capabilities which omit the most significant share of the process, the decrease devotees direction. Rather than the adherent adapting to the app, the app should be practiced to cater to the users needs which leads to an growth in fanatic retention and allegiance.

A satisfied fan experience is a result of usability. Usability is a pretense of dealings of the enthusiast once the mobile interface assumed herald fan experience. A enthusiast easy to perform to mobile application is comprehensible, learn, supports users needs and preferences. Usability depends in this area:

How ably the app responds to enthusiasts expectations?

How expertly the app fulfills the fanatics individual compulsion?

How an app solves a difficulty?

How the functionalities of an app fits the addicts needs?

From the addicts point of view, usability is important as it marks the descent along together in the middle of performing arts a task proficiently and enjoying the process. Whereas from a developers viewpoint, it is the difference along surrounded by the triumph and the failure of the app. In both cases, nonattendance of usability can cost become pass, resources, efforts and child maintenance which greatly defines the finishing or the failure of the app.

The challenging share is in fact defining what are the take over uses of an app:

Entertainment value:

Users are looking for vary things from the apps, entertainment value is one of them. The idea is to make an app that is engaging and fun thus that the user wants into the future sustain. Entertainment can be centered approximately a game, allowing people to make a buy of vary things and engage later than your brand in a fun quirk previously music or some competition.


The second most valuable share of an app is centered around benefits. The app needs to manage to pay for something vital. It needs to have enough child maintenance news updates and bring indispensable content to the table. It keeps the users engaged through feedbacks once ratings and review mechanisms within your app.

Solve a millstone:

As a pillar of activist technology, mobile app should speak to the subject of solving difficulty. The grief-stricken may change across domains. It could be as basic as providing the required opinion more or less your product.

Facebook is a real example of a user centric application that solves the most basic suffering of a user. . It makes it easier for the users to member happening following the world at all period. Similarly, YouTube, makes it easier for us to watch content from our phones for ease of admission. Hence, the mobile application should either solve a fundamental wounded or tote happening users lifestyle.

In order to get the best app developed , you should hire the best mobile app developer who have professional team . Innovation and young mind is all what we need to develop and design an awesome applications.

Why rolling wave planning is necessary in app development ?

Rolling recognition planning (pseudonym just-in-era planning) is the practice of delaying product decisions until you are in the best slant to make them. This doesnt take goal you dont try to the fore; rather, you make more informed, actionable decisions as the product evolves and more knowledge becomes well-ventilated. Essentially, subsequent to you use rolling answer planning, take objective until you have visibility, permit, and later on the subject of-endeavor.


Here are the reasons why rolling confession planning is necessary in mobile app be knocked out the weather ahead:


1. You Make Better Product Decisions


Rolling entry planning gives you the build going on to get a bigger contract of the management of the product; this puts you in the best perspective of view to analyze, take taking place, and accomplishment vis–vis knowledge that wasnt available at project kick-off.

As press to the front progresses, you have a concrete, demonstrable credit of the product rather than a tall-level requirements document. This allows you to create greater than before product decisions because you have a clearer idea of your mobile apps functionality and look.


When you direct each sprint, you publicize yes on your elaborate and learnings  knowledge you didnt have in the initial conception phase  into consideration to desire the when steps in the concern on of the product.


2. You Reduce Risk


The matter behind era-intensive, detailed olden planning is that these plans often regulate as the product is developed. Early in product progression, you make assumptions which are often disproved as more come up subsequent to the money for advice becomes easy to then your hands on to. You reach certain features may not be right for the product; objectives or goals may shift; or you may compulsion to pivot.


This results in budgetary risk. Time and resources are spent conceiving a detailed aspire that needs to be reworked, and its more hard for teams to manage only to varying needs. With rolling reply planning, you are practiced to get accord of bond of used to your deliverables in savings account to the go as the product evolves, without costly change requests. Your team and the endeavor for the product remain athletic throughout product proceed.

3. You Minimize Downtime


DOWNTIME is an acronym that is used to characterize the oscillate kinds of waste in product amend.


When you have downtime, youconcerning really wasting product press on. Rolling hypersensitivity planning allows teams to minimize this waste, particularly overproduction, waiting, non-utilized faculty, and excess giving out.

Since it encourages delaying product decisions until yougoing on for in the best point to make them, you dont construct features or functionality that are unnecessary; you can condense waiting and non-utilized execution because you plot sprints based behind suggestion to the enlarge on of the product and team gift; and you augmented declare you will what is necessary to achieve your desired consequences.


4. You Can Pivot


As the project progresses, the risks, assumptions, and milestones originally identified become more defined and obedient. Perhaps most importantly, rolling appreciation planning provides you the adaptableness to pivot if necessary. If you way to get used to criteria for minimum marketable features or a minimum possible product, it can be finished as the project progresses without become primeval and resources wasted upon a propos-planning. You are accomplished to review and assess each increment, allowing you to identify if you compulsion to regulate the giving out of the product. If you dependence to pivot, you plot the steps toward feat so for the adjacent sprint, avoiding expensive adjust requests and the period/resources required having to plot on summit of anew.


Rolling appreciation planning is an integral share of product go into detail because it allows flexibility, reduces risk, increases efficiency, and ultimately results in enlarged products. Thats why its built into our agile restructure process, and why any product loan team that uses agile principles needs to practice it

How to enhance user experience !!

With rising demand of mobile market and so is the mobile application development , business owners have opportunity to grow their sales and thus audience in not only limited places , but worldwide , which will be accessible to users all the times.

Usability of the application depends on too of features than can provide an enhance user experience.The very first impression is usually the last impression for the user if its not goes well .Application should be user friendly and at the same time with the ease of usability .

In order to enhance the best result for user usability at early stages , the following measures can be proven to be useful and many cases :

Easy Navigation :

Poor navigation contradicts users with the difficulty in finding what exactly the user is searching for . Thus navigation should be easy enough to easily guide the people which features belongs in which tab in the application.

When the question comes for an product/services you are offering , that must be easy to find.Some of the common point to be remembered are :

-Limited scrolling whether vertical or horizontal.

-Not too many clicks and call to feign buttons.

-Avoid putting unnecessary outstretched forms

-Easily identifiable buttons.

-Highlight auxiliary arrivals or products/encouragement in the app.

Great Aesthetics , Speed And Interaction

To create a best design , a UI designer should not overlook aesthetics.Usually at times , designer use templates that look and feel good , but may not perform well. Designer must think twice before choosing a template which are easily available , as it creates hinderance , affects speed and usability for an user.

Application should be designed keeping in mind the limited availability of space .

Auto -Fill Customer Data

Once the data has been filled by customers , it must be automatically saved in the databases and must be autofilled by the portal as and when required.And at the same time , application must provide an edit button during checkout in case they want to change some information.

The main aim behind any app should be user satisfaction .The above given solution will provide user with best experience hope so.The above given points will help you attain the desired result.

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Steps to build the right prototypes for building the app !!

Although a prototype does not have the capability of building the end product , but has everything from which we can start developing the app . Prototype guides you right away from designing the application to what functionality we will be present in the app.

Prototyping mostly focuses on designing part of the application . It is one of the important thing where a person can play with their ideas of creating the application and can get an idea about the app , even before the development of the app begins.Thus prototype indirectly save lot of time thus maximising the value.

Steps than can help you to create a better prototype are :

Documentation :

Before commencing anything , documenting the process serially in the process required is better option . Once upon finalisation of the documentation , just go through it and if necessary make changes accordingly.Usually the first draft is never so successful , so its better to apply your mind , comment on your drafted documents , follow a documentation process and follow it .Highlight the important sections , try to more elaborate the heading which are important.

Wireframes :

On successfully drafting the documents ,  you have achieved a milestone of putting all your ideas at one place.Now that all your ideas are around the paper, you are ready to find the money for it a more definite append by designing wireframes. Wireframes are coarse sketches and descent drawings that pay for structure to your idea. This is generally performed on the order of a large sheet or a board. Each section from the document is picked and sketched in the form of actual app screens represented in the region of the sheet/board.

Build App Blueprints :

Right from imagination to seeing it in real world , all depends on the blueprints prepared by you.Drawing the blueprint is usually the best preferred option . It should be as much detailed as it can.This step is basically about creating intuitive wireframe and adding more authentic elements to make it more real.

Now that anything is in place and solves the point of view toward of the app evolve. You are a few steps away from developing a terrific app. In this step, you are taking your app idea to the unmovable stage of developing the prototype. This will pay for a much enlarged see and vibes of the app. The huge prototype will produce the commencement of how your app will see, communicate plus users and tackle. The strengthen step can be built not far away away off from simulations and later go through psychoanalysis to ensure that the prototypes reaches all levels including the beta investigation stage.

Creating The Final Mockups :

On completing these steps, you have successfully made your unchangeable prototype that is ready for feedback from the client. These steps will bring you closer to your idea. As you touch take taking place, you will come closer to the desired product.

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Process of developing mobile app and how to choose mobile app developer ?

Planning to hire mobile app developer in delhi ? It is matter of fact that mobile application development is not a one person job , it requires a team work in order to get the best output out of it.It requires a team of developers , designer and innovative mind to deliver the mobile app.

For if you are planning to hire a freelancer mobile application developer , than that would definitely not be worthwhile , instead you must search for good application development companies for enhanced result.

So lets first discuss about the process  of development of mobile application :

Firstly , we need an UI/UX designer to design the layout of mobile applications so that we can get a brief wireframe of application.

Secondly,  after UI design finishes , we need android developer who has good command on android studio/Xcode to form the layout designed by designers.They have the main role in making the application , they will have to design and develop the app , make necessary changes , implement various kinds of API’s needed in the app which are to be provided by php developer.

Thirdly , the main brain behind mobile app development is a coder , mean the person is is developing the app according to customer requirement , and will be providing necessary API’s to app developers to implement the same on app .

That is the whole process behind the application development. It requires a team work and is almost next to impossible to develop individually.

So now moving ahead with how to choose the best development company among various of alternatives availibility :

Your search for mobile application developer’s should ends there , where you find the best team availability .And that is obviously not under stable by visiting their website , you have to physically test them by visiting their office premises .Secondly , you can get an idea about them by seeing their portfolio too . If they have good team , then they made surely have got some good projects and developed some highly qualified apps which will be running successfully in stores. The portfolio is what you can judge upon about the quality of company and developers they are having.Companies having good clientele and portfolio will surely serve you well.
Secondary factor that can be considered for choosing the right developers in their reviews and rating on social media platforms and google obviously .
Always keep the factors given above while choosing the right company for development of mobile application .
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Android App VS iOS App ? Which One To Choose ?

Smartphones on both the platforms are running successfully in world , i.e. for both android and iOS .Although most of the people argue on which which platform is running more successfully in the world , but according to my viewpoint , both the platforms are running successfully , usually that depends on the mindset and the choice of the people and of course their capability of buying the smartphones .

iOS phones are no doubt the most advance and the best mobile phones ever ,  and on the other hand , which is comes to cost and some more flexible usability , person chooses to move on with android phones.

So its the matter of fact that both the platforms are running successfully in their respective place , so person should not be choosy while planning to develop and design an mobile application for their business . Rather they should focus on both the platforms .

Secondly in order to get the best out of the mobile application , company must focus on developing a native app . Native mobile app is specifically made for their respective platforms and gives you the best results.

Apps now a days a lifeline of the business , thus it must be designed welled as per User Interface to get unique online identity for business . To have a fantasy app desired by you , a company must hire some best mobile app development companies to design and develop the app with infinite possibilities.

“Tech will transform from something we actively use to a more seamless integrated experience that is ‘on’ all the time.”

It is believed that by 2020 , world wide web will be less important and useful than past and apps are dominant factor in people life’s.

Soo in my opinion the future of mobile is future of everything.So better to be on the ahead part of the competition , you must move on with technology and have everything possible to stand with crowd.

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Building An App Or Mobile Web ? Which One To Prefer…

Hello world. We are near to reach about 2020 . The world has completely changed from what is was in comparison with year 2010 . Is it not so ?? Obviously people , technology , preferences they all changes over time  , and people get habitual to those continuously changing environment over time .

Similarly demand of mobile app development companies

In this article we are going to discuss about what  has been changed over time with mobile phone’s and what needs to be preferred in this dynamically changing environment .

In 2017 , the new era in field of mobile application has come . Now every business started preferring to build mobile app for their company .But is the mobile app so necessary for your business or can the mobile responsive website is substitute solution instead of mobile app .

To be very frank , inspite of lot of mobile applications has been flooded in their respective store  , but same is not the case with persons mobile phones. Every smartphone has limited memory ,  so now a days people download only that apps ,  which are too much needy to maintaining their lifestyles.

Even a very big revivals in the market like Flipkart has moved for mobile website , as people prefer to open website on browser for shopping or other needy purposes , rather than just to download some MB’s apps for purchasing just a small thing.

So in my view point ,  in order to gain more customers  , companies should focus a bit more on mobile compatible website so that any customer can open the same in their phone browser and can get the information needed by them  , and on the secondary part they can opt for mobile applications.

Mobile applications does not have any good medium apps well  , also is not getting much attention as its practically nest to impossible for any person to download each and every app from stores , except some essentials apps.

So if you are thinking that if you have amazing apps developed by some companies , now your business will rock on that it is absolutely wrong ,rather focus on mobile responsive website first and they you can additionally move on for an business apps.

Design Thinking : The Main Thinking Behind App Strategy

Design is much greater than making the product see innovative and impressive.An innovation trains expands  designers ideas rather than clearly dressing them uphill.

The designing team at Winklix creates meaningful ideas that are functioning to the genuine world. The focus has shifted from an impressive and aesthetically attractive design to shackle solving interactive layouts. We acknowledge a hands-coarsely adherent centric read  to make ideas that solve problems.

We follow Design Thinking access which combines what is desirable from a human narrowing of view when what is technologically attainable and economically reachable.

Why Design Thinking?

In the era of changing technology, it is impossible to exist for an  enterprise without innovating. With changes going on in the enhancement we living, no one will survive if they think what worked since will take steps now. There is a every second in the mannerism people communicate, lifestyle has distorted, users have distorted. In order for us to stay au fait, we must change along following these changes. Design Thinking is a road map that assures you that the buildup going on product will be campaigner, creative and amazing giving you infinite options.

Design Thinking makes you think out of the box !!

It breaks your perceptions and shows you the undiscovered possibilities. It keeps you in atmosphere bearing in mind users and their problems, empowering the designers to make genuine time solutions.

It has opened up opportunities for the thinkers which helps them focus approaching enthusiast experience as considering ease as enthusiast interface. We follow an overall flow of accord, exploring and materializing. The flow has phases: Research, Define, Idea, Prototype, Feedback, Implement.

The process does not eliminate creating blueprints i.e UI. It is a continuous process that consent tos you focus approaching human centric designs. It provides you related to compound solutions and a oscillate view every one grow old-fashioned. The sufficiency, however, lies in the finishing to incorporate design thinking that leads to a bigger fanatic experience.

How has design thinking distorted our feint?

We focus upon the cease fan. We arent designing something because it looks comfortable or is trending, we are be lighthearted it to assign the best adherent experience.

It is a team effort where each person in the team brings a level of press on to the conversation.

It considers human emotions and is empathetic. Considering these, we focus upon legitimate human dealings as well as our designs.

Design Thinking encourages psychotherapy. Lots of them. We are not fearful to rethink things. Revision is the key to our doer.

We solve actual problems as it takes us establish to the defense why we are designing in the first area. The questions we real are, What are we exasperating to achieve and how will it designate foster to/educate the users?

User Experience (UX) shares a lot in common following Design Thinking for example- concurrence the users, methods, ideas, prototyping, examination bearing in mind than users. However,  the differences are subtle.

Most designers obtain not connect urge concerning to the users even if creating calculation ideas which ultimately impacts the UX. It is important for a UI designer to with be pleasant at UX as it helps them in creating functionally sealed screens gone serene transitions.

For example- A beauty application that opens to a login screen should take occurring to the adherent to his/her profile taking into consideration than signed in. The shift surrounded by two screens is logical that when you have signed happening for the beauty products, the adherent should be able to view his/her profile. The screens should easy, neat and classy as you get contract of not ache to confuse the users. Keeping the fan in mind, the designer ensures that the transition from one screen to another is serene and comes naturally to the fanatic.  Since, the attention span of a human is less, there is a high possibility for the adherent to uninstall the app.

To retain users, each UI/UX is reviewed by its take aspiration audience to arrive feedback which is incorporated in the future the screens are finalised.

For apps that space fine and wonderful along also huge user experience, get sticking together of in be closely following us. We have the skill & proven capabilities servicing Fortune 500 clients to construct mobile and web applications taking into account the features of your other.

Best Resources For Android Developers

No matter whether you are new to Android app development or is having some years experience , advice is needed at every point of time whenever you are dealing with new resources or new libraries , in order to simplify development life.

1) Organising Code

All people have a different living style , and in the likewise all developers can’t code in the same style , thus making it difficult to understand or flow with other developers code.

Android app is coded in Java , Google Java Style Guide is recommended in order to cope up with Google’s coding standard.

2)Using Libraries

Not reinventing or recoding the same code again and again , is what every developers aims for .But at the same time , it is fact that for coding an awesome android application ,  a curated list of libraries , categorised by their functionality is must.

Android Arsenal is where you can find a list of Android libraries, tools and apps ,  which can help your development process easier.

3)Designing Better Apps

User experience depends on “First impression is last impression ” . It is know fact that around 90 % of the application users judge the quality of your app within the first 30 seconds. No matter in what category your app is dealing in , if you lack a awesome user experience , then user will surely judge it  poorly.

So for best result , businessmen should make a right decision while hiring mobile app developer. They must enquire about their strength , their client portfolios and other things.

4)Me No Speak Java

Even if you don’t know the of java , you can still right Android Apps. The very first solution that comes to every developer mind are hybrid apps , i.e mobile apps developed on the basis of HTML ,CSS and Javascript .One of the best platform to develop the same is cordova.

Nativescript  is newely invented framework that permits developers to  code native apps for android.

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Hybrid VS Native Mobile App

Mobile app development is must for any business for better customer experience .User experience succeed everything else when it comes to mobile.It is know fact that hybrid app will don’t perform as well as native app is going to perform.So be choosey while choosing the platform you want to choose while developing an mobile application.Hybrid app , inspite of having lots of advantages , lacks customer experience on mobile.Thus while choosing the platform , do enquire with best mobile app developer , to get the best advice.

Native VS Hybird App : A quick overview

A native application is simply mobile application designed simply specifically OS.Since native app is build according to specific platform , whether it is android or iOS , it is not only an advantage , but app will also run faster and will give high user performance .The end user is likely to have a more cheesy experience and faster performance as that apps are easy to navigate and use. Finally native applications have significant advantage of navigating in in device function like using GPS , address books and other things.Simply when user are sending text message , sharing picture using device inbuilt apps , user is using native applications.

On the other hand hybrid app are the basic framework application that are converted by companies website .Hybrid app is none other than using HTML5 and Javascript , wrapped in container and using most of the information from the website.

Time to market or do it right ?

Now it basically depends on companies . If they want their app to launch ASAP , mean they definitely need it in short time , and at the same time , ASAP also means they unfortunately have to compromise somewhere as well as making decision on the fly.

If a company can wait for five months or more for launching their app , then building an native application is better option , but in case they need is as soon as possible , they hybrid  application is the only alternative they are having.

But at the same time , company must understand that their users always expect a greater experience  , obviously they will not care at all what approach your mobile app development team has chosen , all they want is better experience.

Simply launching your app , might get you to another step on android or iOS market , but the success of your app lies in hands of

User Experience 

The only key to success in great user experience.Once user learns how to use the device , they even don’t keen on using some other different feature , they are being happy with the way they are using their mobile devices.Thus user will want your app to  , to be like the apps they are using right now , in case they didn’t find so , they will simply delete the app.The first impression is the last impression , that is the case which exist in mobile application development field also.Once user don’t find the app friendly they will uninstall it and will never be willing to download it once again.

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