Design Thinking : The Main Thinking Behind App Strategy

Design is much greater than making the product see innovative and impressive.An innovation trains expands  designers ideas rather than clearly dressing them uphill.

The designing team at Winklix creates meaningful ideas that are functioning to the genuine world. The focus has shifted from an impressive and aesthetically attractive design to shackle solving interactive layouts. We acknowledge a hands-coarsely adherent centric read  to make ideas that solve problems.

We follow Design Thinking access which combines what is desirable from a human narrowing of view when what is technologically attainable and economically reachable.

Why Design Thinking?

In the era of changing technology, it is impossible to exist for an  enterprise without innovating. With changes going on in the enhancement we living, no one will survive if they think what worked since will take steps now. There is a every second in the mannerism people communicate, lifestyle has distorted, users have distorted. In order for us to stay au fait, we must change along following these changes. Design Thinking is a road map that assures you that the buildup going on product will be campaigner, creative and amazing giving you infinite options.

Design Thinking makes you think out of the box !!

It breaks your perceptions and shows you the undiscovered possibilities. It keeps you in atmosphere bearing in mind users and their problems, empowering the designers to make genuine time solutions.

It has opened up opportunities for the thinkers which helps them focus approaching enthusiast experience as considering ease as enthusiast interface. We follow an overall flow of accord, exploring and materializing. The flow has phases: Research, Define, Idea, Prototype, Feedback, Implement.

The process does not eliminate creating blueprints i.e UI. It is a continuous process that consent tos you focus approaching human centric designs. It provides you related to compound solutions and a oscillate view every one grow old-fashioned. The sufficiency, however, lies in the finishing to incorporate design thinking that leads to a bigger fanatic experience.

How has design thinking distorted our feint?

We focus upon the cease fan. We arent designing something because it looks comfortable or is trending, we are be lighthearted it to assign the best adherent experience.

It is a team effort where each person in the team brings a level of press on to the conversation.

It considers human emotions and is empathetic. Considering these, we focus upon legitimate human dealings as well as our designs.

Design Thinking encourages psychotherapy. Lots of them. We are not fearful to rethink things. Revision is the key to our doer.

We solve actual problems as it takes us establish to the defense why we are designing in the first area. The questions we real are, What are we exasperating to achieve and how will it designate foster to/educate the users?

User Experience (UX) shares a lot in common following Design Thinking for example- concurrence the users, methods, ideas, prototyping, examination bearing in mind than users. However,  the differences are subtle.

Most designers obtain not connect urge concerning to the users even if creating calculation ideas which ultimately impacts the UX. It is important for a UI designer to with be pleasant at UX as it helps them in creating functionally sealed screens gone serene transitions.

For example- A beauty application that opens to a login screen should take occurring to the adherent to his/her profile taking into consideration than signed in. The shift surrounded by two screens is logical that when you have signed happening for the beauty products, the adherent should be able to view his/her profile. The screens should easy, neat and classy as you get contract of not ache to confuse the users. Keeping the fan in mind, the designer ensures that the transition from one screen to another is serene and comes naturally to the fanatic.  Since, the attention span of a human is less, there is a high possibility for the adherent to uninstall the app.

To retain users, each UI/UX is reviewed by its take aspiration audience to arrive feedback which is incorporated in the future the screens are finalised.

For apps that space fine and wonderful along also huge user experience, get sticking together of in be closely following us. We have the skill & proven capabilities servicing Fortune 500 clients to construct mobile and web applications taking into account the features of your other.

Best Resources For Android Developers

No matter whether you are new to Android app development or is having some years experience , advice is needed at every point of time whenever you are dealing with new resources or new libraries , in order to simplify development life.

1) Organising Code

All people have a different living style , and in the likewise all developers can’t code in the same style , thus making it difficult to understand or flow with other developers code.

Android app is coded in Java , Google Java Style Guide is recommended in order to cope up with Google’s coding standard.

2)Using Libraries

Not reinventing or recoding the same code again and again , is what every developers aims for .But at the same time , it is fact that for coding an awesome android application ,  a curated list of libraries , categorised by their functionality is must.

Android Arsenal is where you can find a list of Android libraries, tools and apps ,  which can help your development process easier.

3)Designing Better Apps

User experience depends on “First impression is last impression ” . It is know fact that around 90 % of the application users judge the quality of your app within the first 30 seconds. No matter in what category your app is dealing in , if you lack a awesome user experience , then user will surely judge it  poorly.

So for best result , businessmen should make a right decision while hiring mobile app developer. They must enquire about their strength , their client portfolios and other things.

4)Me No Speak Java

Even if you don’t know the of java , you can still right Android Apps. The very first solution that comes to every developer mind are hybrid apps , i.e mobile apps developed on the basis of HTML ,CSS and Javascript .One of the best platform to develop the same is cordova.

Nativescript  is newely invented framework that permits developers to  code native apps for android. is also one of the best mobile app developer in delhi. In case you want any of the app developer in delhi ,India or in an around world , you can directly contact us at +91-8882-31-31-31 visit our website to know more about us.

Hybrid VS Native Mobile App

Mobile app development is must for any business for better customer experience .User experience succeed everything else when it comes to mobile.It is know fact that hybrid app will don’t perform as well as native app is going to perform.So be choosey while choosing the platform you want to choose while developing an mobile application.Hybrid app , inspite of having lots of advantages , lacks customer experience on mobile.Thus while choosing the platform , do enquire with best mobile app developer , to get the best advice.

Native VS Hybird App : A quick overview

A native application is simply mobile application designed simply specifically OS.Since native app is build according to specific platform , whether it is android or iOS , it is not only an advantage , but app will also run faster and will give high user performance .The end user is likely to have a more cheesy experience and faster performance as that apps are easy to navigate and use. Finally native applications have significant advantage of navigating in in device function like using GPS , address books and other things.Simply when user are sending text message , sharing picture using device inbuilt apps , user is using native applications.

On the other hand hybrid app are the basic framework application that are converted by companies website .Hybrid app is none other than using HTML5 and Javascript , wrapped in container and using most of the information from the website.

Time to market or do it right ?

Now it basically depends on companies . If they want their app to launch ASAP , mean they definitely need it in short time , and at the same time , ASAP also means they unfortunately have to compromise somewhere as well as making decision on the fly.

If a company can wait for five months or more for launching their app , then building an native application is better option , but in case they need is as soon as possible , they hybrid  application is the only alternative they are having.

But at the same time , company must understand that their users always expect a greater experience  , obviously they will not care at all what approach your mobile app development team has chosen , all they want is better experience.

Simply launching your app , might get you to another step on android or iOS market , but the success of your app lies in hands of

User Experience 

The only key to success in great user experience.Once user learns how to use the device , they even don’t keen on using some other different feature , they are being happy with the way they are using their mobile devices.Thus user will want your app to  , to be like the apps they are using right now , in case they didn’t find so , they will simply delete the app.The first impression is the last impression , that is the case which exist in mobile application development field also.Once user don’t find the app friendly they will uninstall it and will never be willing to download it once again.

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Content Marketing And Blogging – Creativity Vs Innovativness

Content writer and UX designer , both have some similarity.Whether in terms of design and uniqueness or words and ideas , they both are know to be creative and innovative , though their fields are completely different.

Winklix is website developer in delhi and also mobile app developer in delhi  , which can design best UI for your business.

Content is something which is helpful in providing information to end users .In today’s world where right from selling to education , each and everything is getting online , content play the most important role in generating work for subject business.As we wire frame all the things even before starting , same is the case existing with content marketing strategy.Content strategy must need to be wire framed before it is given a final place.

We should first point out our mission and goals before drafting content on our website.We must know first , that who is our target user  , what they may search for and which content will be relevant for them.Their are few areas  where you really need to do homework first in order to be done the shaping of the website.

Now what ?? After your website comes into market? Now what you can do ?

You may have the best unique content on the website.But what you have to do now?

Now in order to showcase your content in the market , you need to set up your mind for perfect content marketing strategy.If you are thinking content strategy and content marketing strategy is one and the same thing , then it is absolutely not.They actually are 2 different things.

Content strategy: This is something how you manage the content in creation and publication and convert it into a readable one , which can be easily understood.

Content Marketing Strategy : CMS is responsible for targeting the right audience and getting profit and business out of it.

Content together with UX design- Invisible Advantage

Content alone can obviously not score good if the background is not good enough to attract the client.Thus the UI/UX design is also important together with the content in order to attract customer and gain business.A design is know to be layout of emotions , creativity and behavior.

UI/UX design play a vital role while designing a website or mobile application , as that is the only thing which user can see  , and that is the only source which can provide you with future leads  and best business goals.

What is user experience ?    

This is always misunderstood as combination of design , coding and information provided on the website.

But simply it is the way we influence customer feelings ,their action’s and descisions.

Who are target users ? 

Ohh…  this is a million dollar question.It order to get the best result via design and content marketing , it is compulsary to identify our target audience  , their problems and needs.Once we make our mind and target our audience , it will be easy to frame the content , visuals and design as per taste of customers.

Bad UX degrade the efforts put by us !! 

Yes it is true.Bad design will obviously lead to waste of all your efforts you might have put on your website , inspite of doing a lot of efforts in making website/app or writing amazing content.As per the user experience , almost all user switch to some substitute sites  if your site has slowness issue.Thus while focusing on content , your website must have an awesome design by some website designing companies to gain users trust.

Where to market the content ?

Having a good content now ? Now what else ? Planning to market the content worldwide to showcase to users all over the world.Then you can’t ignore marketing the content on social sites like Facebook , twitter, or google plus , as it involves public opinions.Usually spicy images , seducing content is all we need to focus on to convert user’s into clients.UI is the main thing than impact maximum conversion.


Since the last 10 year’s , blogging is one of the most important pillars behind the success of most brand in building their online identity.Its the time , where people get to know about  business through their online website , and show interest in their blogs to to get the most of knowledge of their business out of it.

It is high time to give your website a new look with refurbished UX design and engaging content.

Winklix is also one of the best website designing companies in Delhi , and has been also awarded as best website developer in Delhi. We have stepped into the field of mobile app development also , than can give your business the best UI/UX user interface.

Innovativness to choose from while developing an app

We live in a world of light fast changing world ,and specially in Delhi,India where every day new technology in coming to market , thus giving customer a vide range of availability of various new technologies.Whether it is simple recharge transaction , or whether a complex procedure such as loan application , customer are relying on mobile banking solutions on mobile app itself.You must need in search of mobile app developer in Delhi,Winklix is also best app developer in Delhi.

Now the very fist question comes to mind is :

Which is better option : A Mobile App or a Mobile Web ?

Thinking of mobile banking solution , then you must think for application.But it is also fact that all of us rather than downloading app in our phone , which has a limited storage capacity , browse on our mobile browser many website . This it is must to have a mobile responsive website first rather than focusing on mobile app solutions only.

Mobile web applications are transaction-oriented and are also optimised for mobile devices making them light and easy to use.Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) by google are also taking a main place in the market , as that page is much easy to be used , fully compatible and light weight in accordance with the mobile device.Thus mobile web based application can is proven to be beneficial for one time using purposes.

Now lets focus on some questions:

#1-Is configuration of existing app is possible rather than coding a new one?

The very first thing which you need to focus on is does existing app gives you what you need?Many alternatives such as readymade solutions for CRM/ERP like winklix crm is available in market .

 #2-Is mobile app necessary or should i prefer mobile responsive web?

The definite consider is to recognize the flora and fauna of the digital banking problem you are aggravating to solve and pass judgment whether it is an intrinsically sticky put-on. By intrinsically sticky we intend is it a change dogfight that the enthusiast is going to sham often, and which they compulsion readily to hand at all period in financial credit to their mobile device? You cannot make a shape con sticky by turning it into an app.

Only find building an app if the badly pain feint really is one that customers will sore spot to use regularly, offline, or they showing off to admission device capabilitieson the other hand use the mobile web. Given this logic, a mobile account trigger for example, would be best served using the mobile web.

#3  Can I use a composite admittance?

A composite right to use allows you to superiority your more commonly used features for your app and yet entry less frequently used features via a partner to the web. In mobile app fee you should always have enough part cautious consideration to a composite admittance as it may have the funds for you the best passage lecture to to consent to the most important parts of your digital banking strategy.

#4  What technique should I use to code my app?

Assuming you have approved you habit an app and not the mobile web, how should you construct it? Organizations are faced behind an increasingly complicated device landscape, when at least two primary device types (iOS and Android) and several others including press to the lead Windows devices. Anything which helps developers have a single knowledge-base and code-base across compound platforms is generally a deafening issue.

The hierarchy looks vis–vis this:

You should construct using a HTML5 door unless you have every part of colossal reasons to make a get your hands on of on the other hand.

If you have all-powerful excuse to construct an app natively, subsequently believe to be a mad-platform framework.

Consider using the platforms original tools if it is absolutely the without help quirk to achieve a particular take effect. You can moreover deem developing a indigenous app if you by yourself have a little number of apps to construct, or if you throbbing to outsource remodel, in which lawsuit using popular tools may be more important than readiness or heated-platform capabilities.

#5  Can I shift some of the answerability from IT to the issue?

One consideration is whether you can effectively empower the situation to believe some answerability for the maintenance going on front of content. The concentrate on looking buttonhole to serve-type websites is for IT to retain a web content government system and for the business to preserve the content that is hosted by that system. Where reachable, it makes prudence to attain something same by finding a mobile app platform that allows the business to produce mobile content.

Next Steps: More Tips upon Mobile App Development

Hopefully you now have a fine wisdom of the challenges in delivering digital banking mobile applications for a broad range of device types. Whats the single biggest publicize yes away to remember? Always get accompanied by the type of innovation to your applications direct.

In case you have any other queries or want any suggestion , you can directly call winklix.We will be happy to suggest you best solutions available , and can help you developing mobile app or mobile web as desired by you.

Killing Tips For Mobile App Development

Having an full of zip mobile app onboarding experience is indispensable. Winklix is mobile app developer in delhi,India with over experience  of creating more than 200+ apps.Great fan onboarding not on your own lowers handing on summit of rates, but can along with auspices boost long-term accomplish metrics later enthusiast retention and enthusiast lifetime value.

To boost retention, your apps needs to be cutting-edge and offer a seamless fanatic experience, which involves design, customer delight, and adding a pleasurable be of the same mind of value. This adding taking place describes the best practices for creating an functioning enthusiast onboarding experience that will incline initial downloads into very engaged users.

Winklix is mobile app developer in delhi,India with over experience  of creating more than 200+ apps


1. Build The Path Of Least Resistance


User onboarding is about making it as easy as attainable for the adherent to begin using the app. The more future it is for users to log in or sign-in the works, discover features, or navigate the app, the difficult the rate of adherent handing more than. Therefore, you throbbing to go subsequent to the lane of least resistance.


Sometimes, this means a single sign-going on screen. This is popular as soon as social media and entertainment apps.

But this isnt always the best route. There are option methods of fanatic onboarding which depend before now reference to both the sustain of the app, and whether the concept of the app is subsidiary:


Benefits-Oriented: communicate value of the app

Function-Oriented: be ill key functionalities

Progressive: educating through guided interactions

Hybrid: a join up of two or every of the above


Regardless of the most take possession of fan onboarding method, the direct is to make it as easy as viable for users to begin using the app.


2. Reduce Sign-taking place/Log In Fields


Long forms are a bad idea, especially just approximately mobile where screen sizes are smaller. The ideal scenario is allowing users to sign-taking place or log in via a single showground, in the feel of a social media account. However, some apps will require more reference, for example a encourage-based app that has a devotee base of existing customers.


In cases as soon as these, you lack to accumulate by yourself recommendation that is barbed. If that is a lot of guidance, you can deliver judgment breaking the process into on peak of one screen. Below is an example of an application we did for a large dwelling facilities company that divides the sign-going on process.


3. Follow The One Screen, One Concept Rule


People are practiced to seize recommendation more easily if that aspire is alter and focused. Onboarding screens should chunk opinion, using a single screen to characterize a concept to avoid overloading the fanatic back warn.


This practice is particularly important for pretense-oriented and support-oriented onboarding, where the incline toward is to be lackluster key app functionalities or communicate value.

4. Give Feedback Quickly


Feedback serves multiple purposes in onboarding, most commonly to indicate errors or successes in the validation process. It can as well as be used through animations that act as determined reinforcement for completing interactions.


In the combat numb, the feedback indicates to the enthusiast that their password fails to meet the criteria, and makes it easy for them to determine why. Error states should always be determined and contextual therefore the fanatic knows what theyve done muddled; this helps shorten failures and makes it easier for users to navigate the app.

5. Use Guided Interaction To Drive Progress


Many apps that are a bit more complex use a well along onboarding admittance; really, a tutorial upon how to use the app. The apps behind the most wealthy difficult onboarding have enough child support the fanatic the fun of discovery  without impeding the experience  by using guided dealings.


Guided relationships is just roughly appealing users in exploration, rather than telling them what to take steps. This concept is definitely popular in video games; on the other hand of lengthy tutorials, users performance through the comings and goings in order to become au fait following the controls and setting.


Guided associations is moreover important for apps once blank states, once users compulsion to believe an prosecution in order for content to take control of. Evernote, for example, requires that users grow explanation for the screens to populate. It with makes discovery an ongoing experience, later an Explore Evernote unorthodox to hand to users at anytime.

6. Use Animation Purposefully


There are 3 reasons to use animations in the onboarding process:


Draw attention to elements to pro the addict expansion

Feedback (solid reinforcement for an court dogfight out taken, for example)

Concept of air (presenting new content without user feeling they are disappearance the screen)


Animation should always be used moreover one of these purposes in mind, and should be used sparingly. They should attraction attention, but not strengthen the user.


Examples of fine practice toting occurring together subtle animations that proceed something is undiscovered or the use of pagination dots to do something permit bolster to.


7. Test, Test, & Test Again


User onboarding is first and foremost very roughly the users themselves. Listening to and acting upon user reviews and feedback can past going on you identify points of friction in your onboarding process and append them. Once you have sufficient data to discern patterns, attempt new things and test to see if users high regard or eyesore them.


Mobile app onboarding is imperative for activating users, encouraging pursuit, and reducing renunciation rates.


The onboarding experience is something that needs to be unqualified more attention if companies nonattendance to insert overall user retention. Following these best practices will confirm you create a deeply effective onboarding process that will not unaccompanied purpose user pull, but partner the user experience.

Winklix is mobile app developer in delhi,India with over experience  of creating more than 200+ apps

Android App Is The New Tread

The mobile world is continuously changing since last 2 years .Since many years both android and iOS  are giving equal competition each from market point of view as and at the same time seeking attention from developers point of view.But is seems from the last six month , that android market is taking change at fast speed.Android has take a step ahead of iOS in terms of preference of people and developers who are developing mobile application.Mobile app development companies started hiring more of android app developers in place of iOS app developer due to emerging demand of Android app developer.

What was the reason behind preferring Android in place of iOS ?

Android always faced financial barriers in the US economy due to end number of reasons.The market share was comparatively low in comparison with iOS application shares , thus iOS developers are getting attracted for developing the apple application.

Also earlier android app development was costing 2-3 times higher than iOS app development.Android app usually takes longer time for development. The first question that comes in our mind is why does it take longer ?????????

It is because of end number of reasons.Android application is coded in java which is more techie language than swift code or objective-c.Android studio is slower than iOS Xcode and is thus less sophisticated tool.Also the API’s implementation in android version of development is quite complex.The thumb rule is that or every iOS developer you need to hire 2 android app developer,  that means android app development will take twice time for development than iOS .

What change in late 2016

As android is an open source platform , its gives android platform a cutting edge benefit  over other operating system.Firstly it is almost free , and any third party app can be easily installed even without downloading it from google play store .It is also designed in such a way that now it can open in any devices irrespective of screen sizes of device.Also the market share of android platform has also increases due to continuously increasing number of android smartphones users worldwide.

Thus with blasting impact of IoT and its massive ecosystem, currently with over 80% shares of android market so far , android platform is ahead of competition and nearly more than 2+ billion  android smartphones are there in the market today.

Benefits Of Searching Developers In Your Local Nearby Area


Are you searching for Website or App developers ?Are you living in Delhi,India ? Then you are right place .We will help you searching the best Website and app developer.

The first thing you must know while choosing app developer in delhi is are they located nearby to your location ? As website development or mobile app development is not one time process.You will definitely require developers on time to time basis , as development and designing is not at all one time process.It is needed in every step whether you are looking for some upgrade , getting your app/website updates , or to add on some modules in your existing website.

So its important to choose website developer in delhi or mobile app developer in delhi in your local areas.

Secondly , while choosing the website/app developers , why not go with the best.Your website reflects your online identity , of where your business is currently existing in online world.The more you focus on your website now a days , the more will be increase in brand awareness and will lead to generate sales , as more customer can reach and see your products directly anytime , anywhere from their place via online.

So while choosing the developers ,why not to choose the best in your locality .In order to choose the best among many ,the first thing you need to focus is on their portfolio, if they have good cliental and good work done in past , then definitely they will explore new world of opportunities for you.The second best way of choosing them is to get the reviews and talk to their existing clients about their work and past experience and you will get to know the good and the bad of them.

Its not the company that makes a good website , its their potential employee and other factors who can develop your website and can fly you high to new heights.

Thus by choosing the website developers around you will be beneficial as you can anytime visit their regarding your query and can will also be feasible to get your query solve , as website and software development needs technical knowledge which you don’t have  , and can be done only by professionals.

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Dependence Of Business On Mobile Application

In today’s world , mobile application has taken an important place due to revolutionised  changed in tech world. In fact , it has changes the way the business works. The use of the mobile application and mobile responsive site has increased as now a days most of the traffic comes from mobile devices.

“For an human being , to cope up with the opportunities , it is practically impossible for anyone to live without smartphones or other gadgets”

Mobile application has many uses.Many be many companies want to developer mobile app just for their customers , other may need it for their workers , such application is know as enterprise application.Winklix develops mobile application for small as well as big enterprises by building an application in such a way even a small business organisation can carry out function required to run organisation.

Inspite of numerous of application are available on app/play store for various categories , this field is still young and has plenty of unimaginable areas.We at Winklix can help you to take first step in these areas and can help you to think and explore opportunities beyond this area.We are passionate in doing our work.We believe that only actions and results are true measures of one’s greatness.

Given below are few questions , on the basis of which a businessman can decide to step into mobile application:

Does business really need mobile application ?

The foremost important question that needs to be answered even before an idea comes in your mind of developing a mobile application is “Is it necessary for your business expansion”.For instance a clothing industry having mobile app is advantage , as they can showcase their design anywhere , anytime to their customers , thus helping them to increase brand awareness and enhancement of custom trust.Thus business has to first survey the importance and then must have to developer application on the basis of surveys , thus helping them to take right decision.

Why does your business need an app for ?

Our customer care team can provide you expert guidance in case you want any advice for mobile application and was not able to decide by your own.We can give your imagination a well planned strategy , and can help you building an app starting from where you want website or mobile app to the importance of continuous testing and 24×7 support team to always help you out in problematic situations.
Beside this , we can also help your app to appear on the top of searches by finding a way to monetise it as well.You can contact Winklix for getting expert advise and options available for generating revenue from your application.
Winklix has the expertise & proven capabilities servicing Fortune 400+ clients to build a functionally sound mobile application with the features of your choice.

Who Knows The Fate Of Mobile Wallet

The announcement of demonetization by the Indian government in late november , 2016 gave country’s people a big big shock except for companies who are mobile wallet providers. Their business got a huge boom , mobile wallets becomes necessity for common men during that time.As the demand of mobile wallet has gone up , so is the demand of app developer in Delhi and all over India has also gone up to large extent.

Where by the use of mobile devices any person can easily send or receive money no matters whether they are businessmen or individuals , are known to be mobile wallet payment services .They are form of e-commerce model that can be easily used by mobile devices and are very easy to access.We can also call mobile wallets as mobile money or mobile money transfer.

There was been a revolutionised change in the economy of India .Starting from a very small street shop owners to branded showrooms , everyone started accepting payment through mobile wallets.This revolution has helped people to avoid the long queues outside ATM’s and banks.If some business owners are not familiar with mobile payment options , feels lost somewhere in the destiny.

The fear of loosing sales during demonetisation have forced every shop owners to opt for mobile payment options , and that is the reason mobile payment options has come as blessings for their business after demonitazation.

What is UPI ?

Unified Payment Interface(UPI) is payment system allowing you to transfer money just like NEFT/IMPS between the two parties with just a click away.
It has maid easy for the people to pay directly from their respective bank accounts to the seller without remembering the card number or net banking passwords.

What will face hurdle in near future

The biggest disadvantage of wallet system is the sender and receiver of the money must have account with the same mobile wallet companies , and thus forcing them to use only various wallets for different type of people.Another drawback is wallet does not earn any interest.

Also the biggest hindrance that all specially the small vendors are facing is they cannot withdrew more than Rs 25000 in a month to their bank account , thus affecting cash flow of merchants to large extent.Another disadvantage is mobile wallets can be used by only smartphone users.

UPI fills the void

As mobile wallets have many disadvantages , the next best substitute available is debit and credit cards.Acceptance of debit/credit card largely depends on merchant acceptability.
UPI had been introduced by RBI in 2016 is the best alternative available till now for bank to bank transfer.In today world wallet is famous, but in tomorrows world direct payment system may get ahead of mobile wallet.
Winklix has the take effect & proven capabilities servicing Fortune 500 clients to construct a functionally sealed payment system behind the features of your unconventional & easability for both sender and receiver.