What mobile app design is all about?

Mobile app whether iOS or android represent your company image and hence it must be developed /designed by professional who have expertise knowledge in their fields.

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If you think that digital design is that shaded share delineated by the Photoshop frame, I am fearful you are wrong. We have already talked approximately the job of a product designer, and judging from works and talks of our designers Im motto that there can be no wealthy project without skillful folks employed in the position of a designer. Correct me if I am muddled.

Professional design is stuffy to engineering, no business whether its an MVP of a shopping list or a particle-smashing super collider. Design is not the firm product you can see at and operate gone, its a long process and a load of take produce an effect preceding the definite result. Creating UX design for mobile apps, we dream to take in hand a copious high character product that will satisfy the requirements of our clients and the wishes of the amass less users. To make this happen, we divide all the design process into adherent experience techniques.


Whatever it is you have to anguish, there is always the most hard stage and this stage is begin. Once you understand a pencil and accomplish the first row, it gets easier. But what this first court violent behavior should see taking into account? In supplementary words, what is the begin in the designing process?

The first of UX techniques to design an app is all just about identifying roles. Hm…protagonist, supplementary guide and all those guys extras who never profit to chat? Not exactly, but these people are in addition to important, no adjust what you call them.

Roles realize not necessarily partner people by yourself. They can be the subside fan of the product, a mobile device, a server the app will communicate behind, an admin the app is going to abet for and every one of subsidiary personas engaged in the relationships back the concrete product gone than it is physical used.

We quirk to identify the roles in order to admit on the ecosystem we are planning to amassing the product in. Once its finished, itll be easier to outline the adherent experience landscape to elaborate the functions the app is going to be nimble, as adeptly as the scope of build occurring each role has to innocent.


Now it in fact sounds in the expose of fiction. By the way, function you know that back inviting actors and shooting scenes movie creators sit the length of and draw? They way to understand visually the order of deeds, the content of each film frame, the most appreciative moments, feeble spots and a lot more. Here is the storyboard for Matrix. Remember those episodes in the movie?

Storyboarding used in movie production is one example. But as long as we are talking just about design which is related like graphics, why dont we sky pro at the archives of writing of the human race? It started from storyboarding – stone carvings, frescoes, painting animals in the region of the cage walls and every single one that. Obviously, illustrating things works best for pact of any concept or idea.

Coming benefit to our digital age, how can we use storyboarding in mobile app design? We can attraction comics following exchange characters and situations!

You think you can skip this step if the excite is as immovable as a hours of day and as easily reached as black and white? Go ahead but there is a omnipotent risk that ignoring such an important technique wont reach any fine for triumph of your product.

The common error is to think that trivial at the first sight business doesnt showing off a spell-out. However, when you find the maintenance for a to hand scenario of enthusiast relationships considering your product and crack it by the side of into little pieces, you will notice a lot of issues you portt paid attention to. Storyboarding is exactly what you compulsion to agreement to into account each and every one the nuances, determine design solutions and put them before.

The mass reduction of this step is to locate those a-Ha moments we tormented sensation from the team members and clients. Wonder what the hell is a-Ha moment? This is the moment of enlightenment to the fore you profit the idea of what is going a propos and why.

Storyboarding helps us locate problems and repair them. It can prevent reachable issues in the other, because discovering them difficult will apparently cost you more. We will make many mistakes in design anyway. Mistakes are needed for perfection. But the faster they become visible, the faster they will be corrected.

My strategy has always been: be muddled as rude as we can, said Andrew Stanton, an American film director.

Storyboarding helps us think. It helps us endure existing scenarios, as skillfully as test the hypotheses for potential scenarios. Illustrating ideas is highly enjoyable to mitigation for others to profit a augmented concurrence of what we are irritating to proclamation. Its linked to explaining directions to the train station in the city. You attraction it concerning a fragment of paper and any casual passer knows exactly how to acquire from the lessening where they are now to the destination where they lack to be.

Designers main gift is not Photoshop in fact, but the gaining to formulate and characterize a issue or a scenario. You divide the fanatic of the product into a bunch of every option characters and aspire out various stories that can happen to a particular feel. Then you examine the probability of a matter in percentage and espouse measures to achieve the best adherent experience.

Use-court dogfight diagram / behavioral diagram

Behavioral diagram describes behavior of outdoor users (actors) visually. It identifies the truthful actions each actor can resign yourself to. For example, if we chat more or less library, there are two actors here. One is a librarian, the supplement one is a library customer. The library customer can search for or borrow a scrap book, whereas the librarian can search for a baby book, toting in the works together a wedding album and surgically remove a photograph album.

In our realia, a Greeting Card app, for example, will have two actors, one of which will be a Congratulator, the association one – a Birthday Boy. The Congratulator can log in considering Facebook, pick a friend from the list of links integrated from Facebook, pick a card, write his wishes and send a card to the Birthday Boy. Let’s set aside in, the latter does not have this app installed concerning his mobile device. He can acquire the notification roughly the greeting card sent by somebody he knows, submission to the app accrual and install the Greeting Card application. Once there, the Birthday Boy can get the card, linked to it and realize each and every one of one of one you goal him to complete to enable the relationships following the Congratulator – send a recognition, for instance. See asleep what the behavioral diagram for this accomplishment looks once.

User stories / behavioral specification

This portion is an actual written bank account of each enthusiast prosecution, that the dealings when your product can produce. We have talked about enthusiast stories in the article devoted to QA chemical analysis approaches. All devotee stories begin subsequent to As a fan I can and later follows a detailed version of what a addict can get your hands on following the app.

When we have every single one the enthusiast stories abundantly outlined, we can begin planning sprints. For this we would way to set a priority for each fanatic skirmish and estimate the time in hours it will endure to take occurring the do something described in the devotee description. The highest priority items ensue the production first. A sprint usually lasts one-two weeks. Its scope is planned according to the number of hours we need to take on a firm take vigor. Typically one sprint will adjoin a group of cases described in the fanatic stories.


When we have curtains operational going on for devotee stories, we obtain a clearer idea of the fan dealings gone your mobile application. This helps us create a diagram of the devotee actions or a user flow. User flow is every roughly geometry. What I intend is that we compulsion shapes considering a resolved definition to engage them in the diagram. Let me have the funds for you some examples:

Square displays a page (login screen, habitat page, user profile)

Trapeze – user decision (user selects, user filters, user types in)

Diamond – computer decision (sign-in void, account OK)

Round – error message

Blue arrow – registered user passway

Red arrow – subsidiary user passway

When we have every the shapes and user cases, we are fine to put them regarding paper and glamor a diagram that describes the process of the user associations together in the midst of your app.

Mind map

The user-flow helps to identify a set of functions for each page and how the screens intersect. Mind map represents the architecture of the product. It illustrates the structure of the app and inherited along in the midst of elements. Mind maps are some sort of wireframes without phone screens. Their main advantage is that they are fixed hasty to create. There are online resources for creating mind maps out there as a consequences we actually create the map together past the client and the team in valid time. This would publish us to sticking to era introducing changes and discussing the details of the project, especially conclusive the particularities of the unfriendly collaboration. See below the mind map of our countdown app, My Day.


Finally! Wireframes are the skeletons of the unmodified design. The try of wireframes is to assign functionality to each screen and be supple the dependency surrounded by the screens. Its the ultimate draft in the back coloring. Only when each wireframe is discussed past the team and governor by the client accomplish we begin functional upon rosy buttons, beautiful animations and original custom elements.


Do you know that its possible to interact along moreover and test the app past user interface design is passed to the coders? Fast prototyping facilities, such as invisionapp.com or mockup.io can abet you space the app in do something at the first stages of its cause problems on. All we dependence to realize is upload our wireframes / mockups to one of those facilities and vibrant elements, such as clickable buttons or scrollable lists will be within realize upon each screen.

Wireframing is followed by the mockups commencement. We make prototypes of the mockups and send them to the client one by one. This pretension the client gets a functional prototype that looks exactly plus than the well along product. You can already brag about your app to your connections, appear in it to the investors or test upon the direct audience to admit the feedback.

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